Firmenname: Battery Supplies NV
Strasse: Nijverheidslaan +50/56
PLZ / Ort: Be-8540 Deerlijk
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Alessandro Volta, Luigi Galvani, Gaston Planté, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Henri Tudor… thanks to these people who contributed to the invention of the battery, we've got the chance to make a business of batteries. As our name implies, Battery Supplies supplies everything concerning batteries.

Our gamut contains starting batteries for cars, lorries, batteries for industrial cleaning machines, scissor lifts, aerial devices, fork-lift trucks, UPS, electrical tools etc.
Besides, we dispose of a complete gamut of accessories like e.g. battery chargers, filling systems and maintenance systems... The maintenance and repair of batteries and chargers are also one of our trump cards!

Nevertheless, if you don't find something in our large gamut, don't hesitate to contact us, in this way, our specialists can look up if we can offer the product you need.

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